Water Treatment & Filtration
Are you unhappy with the quality of your water supply? Does your water smell like rotten eggs? Does your water leave stains or residues on fixtures, toilets, showers & tubs? What about the taste? If any of these water quality problems are your problems or you have questions concerning your water supply give us a call at (707) 987-4488. We have the solution. You deserve clean, safe water. 
We offer free basic mineral testing which includes Hardness, PH, Iron, Manganese, Total Dissolved Solids, Alkalinity, Hydrogen Sulphide and Nitrates. Cal-Tech Pump is not a certified lab; this set of samples is used only as a tool & gives us a basic idea of what is in your water so we can offer an estimate for treatment. If you would like to have your water tested for mineral or bacteria by a certified lab, referrals are available. 

We install disinfection systems that use either Chlorine Or Trojan Ultra-Violet Light technology to make your water bacteria free & safe to drink. We take care of Hardness problems with Ion exchange Water Softeners by Fleck. If your Iron problem is leaving orange stains or your water is colored, we can eliminate this problem with the use of media filtration – or chemical injection followed by media filtration. Tired of that rotten egg smell? No problem, we can get rid of that too. 

Sometimes domestic water wells can produce mild to extreme amounts of sand and/or sediment. There are many different removal methods for sand & sediment. We will need to take a close look at your problem in order to prescribe the best method for removal. 

Are you one of the 2600 lake front properties around Clearlake? Do you pump out of a surface water source for either domestic or irrigation use or have you thought about doing so? If that is the case then we can design a pump system for you with a certified surface water treatment system using Membrane Technology by Home Spring.

Interested in an Irrigation Filter system? We can help! There are many different types of irrigation filters, screens & mesh sizes, all with specific applications. There are both manual & self-cleaning irrigation filters. We can install a system by Amiad or Orival that will keep your system free of debris. Call us today at (707) 987-4488.