We think that you will agree that when it comes to your water system, it is one of, if not the most important utility you will use on your property. We offer only the best & most proven pump lines available.

Our Gould’s & A.Y. McDonald submersible well pumps have over 300 years of combined engineering going into them right here in the U.S.A. These are the Submersible pump lines I will be installing in your water well supply. Gould’s submersible pumps come standard with Centripro Electric Motors. McDonald submersibles come standard with Franklin Electric Motors. Cal-Tech Pump is a member of the Gould’s Pump’s Dealers Assoc. A.Y McDonald recognizes Cal-Tech Pump as a Diamond Dealer Pump Professional. If a completely stainless steel submersible is what you are looking for, take a look at Grundfos. When I think of Grundfos I think of a company that is consistently developing better & more efficient ways to pump fluids where you need them.

If it’s a domestic jet or booster pump you need, we have your pump in Gould’s. Gould’s has the most complete residential line of quality & efficient pumps. Gould’s is the pump line I use for boosting water from a storage tank to your home and/or irrigation system, or a surface water source.

When the application calls for pumping large volumes of water, whether from a water well, surface water source or storage tank, I will have a pump to specifically fit your application in pump companies like Berkeley, Gould’s & Grundfos.

Thinking about going Solar with your existing or new water well? We can design and install a system for you. We use Lorentz pumps for solar direct systems. You would be surprised at the capabilities Lorentz submersible pumps have – try 50 gallons per minute @ 180’ deep setting in a well discharging to a storage tank! If you want your Solar pump to run on any voltage and what I mean by any voltage is 90-240 volts a/c power, 30-300 volts d/c power, generator or wind – Grundfos SQ Flex system can do it!

Cal-Tech pump uses Gould’s Hydro-Pro Pressure tanks. These tanks come with a standard 5-year warranty, stainless steel pipe connection & polypropylene base to eliminate corrosion. If your pressure tank is not working properly your pump motor will fail at some point. The Hydro-Pro is a product you can depend on!

Here at Cal-Tech Pump we stand behind our pumps & pumping products.
We service & repair everything we sell or install. You can trust that we use high quality products at a competitive price.

For more information about our company, visit our home page. Or to set up an appointment for service or receive a free estimate, give us a call at (707) 987-4488. We look forward to serving you!